AES has significant experience developing feasibility studies.  These range from economic assessments to bankable studies. 

Economic Assessment:  A recent economic assessment was developed for a $480 MM project in Mexico.  The study evaluated several process options and allowed the client to focus on the most financially attractive option.  This work included conceptual design, unit cost takeoffs resulting in capital and operating cost estimates to a ±30% accuracy and pro-forma cash flow.  Recommendations were made for confirming metallurgical testwork.

Several studies were prepared for a client for process modernization.  The processes for each of these studies were developed to fit within the existing process facility with zero disruption to daily operations during construction.  Each study consisted of flowsheets, equipment sizing, conceptual general arrangements and capital cost estimating.  All drawings were hand drafted.

Pre-feasibility Studies:  Pre-feasibility studies are prepared to provide definition to a project and identify an mitigate any technical or economic flaws with the project.  Numerous pre-feasibility studies have been completed. 

A 43-101 review of the process and metallurgy for a Pre-feasibility has recently been completed.  Geoff Allard is a Qualified Person for process and metallurgical projects. 

Feasibility Studies  AES can orchestrate or be part of an owners team for the development of feasibility studies depending on the scope.