Engineering is available from conceptual flowsheet design to complete detailed engineering for smaller projects.  Retrofits and in-plant modifications are common.  Engineering including the following activities.

Conceptual Design:  Conceptual design includes flowsheet development, conceptual general arrangements, equipment sizing, capital and operating cost estimating.  All drawings are generated by hand.  If CAD drawings are required these will be sub contracted.  All backgrounds on this site are hand generated drawings by AES.

Preliminary Engineering:  Preliminary engineering is used to generate the fundamental basis for a design.  Preliminary engineering generated by AES is of sufficient detail and scope to be used to solicit turnkey detailed design quotations from engineering companies.

Detailed Process Engineering:  Detailed process engineering is complete process design including finalized flowsheets, equipment sizing and selection, vessel sizing, mass balances, P&IDs, equipment lists suitable for inclusion in detailed engineering. 

Piping Design:  Piping design includes flow calculations for slurries, liquids and gasses, pressure drop calculations for drive selection, piping isometrics, pipe routing drawings and pipe specifications suitable for inclusion in detailed engineering. 

Engineering Supervision:
  AES can be part of the owners team to review detailed engineering documents and ensure specifications and criteria are maintained.  During the development phase of a project owners have busy schedules.  Significant pressure is on clients for rapid turn around of approval drawings to maintain schedules.  AES has performed detailed review of drawings prior to owner approval to expedite the design. 

Detailed Engineering: Detailed engineering is provided by assembling and managing an appropriate team of consultants and small companies.  Detail design covers all aspects required for procurement and construction of a process facility.  In general the following would be considered out of scope or the responsibility of the client: geotechnical; environmental; surveying and permits.  Detailed engineering was recently completed for the following projects.  Relief Canyon ADR ~ Quartzite Adsorption Columns