Over thirty years of experience is available for the design, supervision and interpretation of metallurgical testing.  All tests are designed to produce engineering data for development of process designs that accurately reflect the properties of the ore.  Some of the testing supervised by AES are as follows:

Optical Sorting: Optical sorting is a low cost method of separating liberated ores from gangue at coarse sizes.  The current generation of high speed sorters can separate rocks up to 30 kg. and as fine as 6 mm at high throughput rates.  If the ore is liberated in this size range and a color difference between ore and gangue can be observed visually with wetted rock at 2 meters, the separation can be made efficiently and cost effectively.  Tests were supervised at the manufacturers test facility in Wedel, Germany on a Copper/Zinc ore.  These tests were used to determine the efficiency of removal of calcite to reduce the acid consumption and upgrade the mill feed. 

Leach Testing: Leaching tests have been designed for many ores.  Both acidic leaching for copper and zinc and cyanide leaching for gold and silver.  Many tests have been conducted from bottle roll tests, small and large column tests and pilot scale heap leaches.  Tests have been conducted from Run of Mine, fine crushed and agglomerated to agitation leach of ground material.

Mineral Separation:  Tests have been supervised to determine the beneficiation of minerals by  magnetic separation and by density.  Tests were conducted for various confidential clients. 

Physical Property Tests:  Tests have been supervised for attritioning, scrubbing, high energy crushability, compaction, thickening, filtration and abrasion index.  Tests have been conducted in numerous crushing and milling apparatus at clients and vendors facilities.

Solvent Extraction:  Basic tests have been conducted for solvent extraction of copper.  Confidential research has been conducted on the use of D2EHPA for the extraction of a solubility suppressing cation for a unique mineral.