Typical Column Leach Testing
Bench Scale Magnetic Separator
Hydraulic Sizer Testing
Leach Testing:
AES has participated in the early development of heap leach technology.  AES has designed and supervised hundreds of tests from bottle rolls, small columns, tall columns to 50,000 tonne ROM test heaps. 

Physical Separation:
AES has designed and supervised testing of attritioning, magnetic separation; density classification, sorting and other separation techniques.

Solvent Extraction:
AES has designed and supervised testing of solvent extraction for various systems to obtain equlibirim curves for loading and stripping.

Activated Carbon:
AES has tested activated carbon for various applications from vapor phase recovery of organics to liquid phase recovry of trace components.

Optical Sorting:
Please view the optical sorting video below taken during recent testing.  For additional information click the link to the CommoDaS website.